Yang to Yin Naked Yoga with Chakra Meditation

During this deeply relaxing class you will be guided through a series of yoga positions that will stimulate your subtle bodies, chakras, and energetic meridians.

This is accomplished by engaging your connective tissue that encapsulates and creates the physiological network of communication that this energy travels. By activating this connective tissue; fascia, ligaments, and tendons are lengthened and compressed to create greater flexibility, suppleness and freedom of movement.

Your bodies will be prepared for the chakra meditation by stimulate the facia layers around the chakra nerve plexuses through each position or asana. We gently hold and pass the intention of wholeness and clarity to each chakra. This class is clothing optional.

We will check in with ourselves before starting the practice into what level of nudity we feel would serve us in the moment. We will then remove those layers of clothing and meet on our mats.
The invitation to practice nude or particularly nude creates potentially nervous Situation in which our senses are heightened, we feel more alert and awake, and we may be pushing our own edge of what we’re comfortable with:
and this is exactly the line we journey with Yin yoga, stretching just beyond what is comfortable and stopping before it’s too much.

In this way our comfort zone stretches and we become more expansive and flexible in all aspects of our person. This practice of responding instead of reacting is a beautiful benefit you can take beyond the Matt into your everyday life for a more peaceful and balance existence.

Please bring a yoga Matt, two towels (one to protect the studios’ bolsters and one to use for padding)