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Henrik has received a Bachelors’ of Psychology and is actively working as a certified transformational Life Coach, Hatha Yoga Teacher and Energy Healing Practitioner dedicated to the expansion of Awareness, Alignment and Self-Love. After working very hard to live up to all the societal expectations, such as being academically successful, being physically in shape and having an attractive partner, he had the life-altering realization that this role he was playing would never truly make him happy. That was the same time, when he started to explore meditation, life coaching and yoga, which opened up doors for him to reconnect with his unique, joyful and magical essence. Since his awakening to the power of consciousness in 2017, he has committed his life to continuously exploring and integrating new practices in the areas of psychology, spirituality and movement. These include, different modern psychological approaches, meditation techniques, yoga traditions, shamanism, life coaching, bodywork, intuitive movement, psychedelics, art, self-expression, energy healing modalities, martial arts and more. His sessions, workshops and retreats are guided by the principles of presence, vulnerability and authentic self-expression. They aim at liberating the individual from shame, suppression and fear into connection, trust and self-empowerment.
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