What is VANI

VANI is a collaborative community creating a space of various spiritual and secular practices to come together in a safe, but also challenging and conscious frame. With our 0 abuse tolerance and supervision by our assistants we create a place for us, in which we can come together, support each other, heal, connect and learn together.

The workshops we offer address all individuals who want to embark on a journey to their authentic selves, those who want to grow and heal, to experience deeper awareness and vulnerability through nudity.

We create a space for all individuals to feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable, to open up and feel deep into themselves. We offer workshops in a variety of areas, all united by a common vision. In the same space you attend a yoga class, you will find Breathwork sessions, dance or Tantra workshops and much more…

Our lovely facilitators (Credit: Johan Planefeldt johanplanefeldt.com/)


For some it is more, for some it will be less challenging to join our workshops. Why? Because it’s new, it’s uncommon, there’s a lot of vulnerability. VANI is here to create experiences, to transform, to expand ones horizon by coming back to the roots, to the purest and most fragile, to our authentic and naked self. VANI offers the possibility to reconnect with others beyond the thoughts of boxes and belonging. It’s a way to share with and meet likeminded people.

Integrity and mutual respect are two core values on which we build, and which we take as our responsibility to embody and ensure. We wish for each soul to respect and observe the boundaries and desires of another through consensual and non-violent communication. This includes but is not limited to respecting the way in which souls want to be addressed.

We are a community of mostly professional teachers, who come together to manifest a common vision of creating a space, where all souls are equally welcome. A space free of prejudice, societal roles, and dogmas. A space that privileges pure being in the here and now. 

We regard ourselves as a union of individuals who share a common path of personal growth and we invite everyone who wishes to join us. 

(Credit: Johan Planefeldt johanplanefeldt.com/)

Why is VANI?

What would the ideal world look like? In our eyes there would be equality, support, community, security and no differentiation of worth between any person….

It could be soooo simple, we know it’s not, but it could…

Meaning that for example a woman, a trans person, a person of color and a white hetero man can be in the same room, naked, pure and vulnerable, enjoying a conversation, interacting with each other and feeling safe, accepted and supported by each other. This is crucial, feeling safe, accepted and supported BY EACH OTHER, not only by the facilitator.

It’s a long way to get there, and there are different possibilities to reach that ideal. Yes we need separated safe spaces for each group in which each can feel safe, in which everyone can maybe take the first steps to feel vulnerability, authenticity, nudity and intimacy within their own community. 

To really come together, to start feeling safe with all of us, really all of us, we also need a place, a safe mixed space, where every human being can just be the way they are and feel safe with anyone. We think that’s what is needed to close the gap which is the connection of gender/color/sexual orientation to human worth. 

We need to have a place where everyone can learn from each other, where education, awareness and acceptance are core values. A place where your personality matters and not your gender, where your love matters not your color, where your generosity matters not your sexual orientation.

We might not change the world and the given injustice out there, but we will show that we can’t generalize. No matter which color, gender or sexual orientation you have, you can be a good or bad person. 

Again, yes it will be difficult to reach that ideal in the world and it will be a long way, but let’s just start small at VANI. Yes we need safe spaces for each community, and they are very important and are probably for most people the first step, so we offer a few of them, too. In total VANI is then the next challenging step. VANI is the safe space where really everyone can feel good with anyone. 

We invite every human being regardless of age, gender, color or sexual orientation who share this ideal picture and want to take this step and participate in that change! 

Change only will be given, when people are courageous, people overstep fear and give it a chance.

To create a “new normal” we have to just do it, to pretend that it’s normal, to show that it’s normal to act like it’s normal and then we get used to it and it becomes normal. 

So all of this means also, that if we don’t say anything explicitly in our events, they are meant for EVERYONE, and if you didn’t get it yet, for us, everyone means all human beings regardless of anything. If you need an extra invitation for an event, look out for those events made for your community and join VANI later, we will be there with love and wait for you until you are ready.

Let’s concentrate on the solution and the ideal instead of the problem and misery. Let’s encounter the problems with love and not with hate.


In order to strengthen this common foundation and convey our values, we have jointly developed a workshop on ethics, guidelines & consent with to different intensities:
Express Consent Workshop or YES I Care Workshop

Each soul participates in it and subsequently expresses explicit agreement before being invited to explore our diverse offers. Following these consent workshops, each soul receives a log-in for our website membership area and can join any of our workshops and classes.

We are creating a space in which what matters is not, where the souls who visit us come from, but where they want to go, and we are keen to accompany them for part of the way. A communal space that supports everyone in their own personal growth, a deepening connection to themselves, the world, and the universe. Our different teachers accompany you in various ways but in a common direction: towards your self.

Lots of Love!

Are you yourself a facilitator and feel that our values resonate intensely with you? If you wish to join us to conduct naked workshops, feel free to apply here with some of your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.