What is VANI

VANI is a collaborative community creating a space of various spiritual and secular practices to come together in a safe and conscious frame.

The workshops we offer address all individuals who want to embark on a journey to their authentic selves, those who want to grow and heal, to experience deeper awareness and vulnerability through nudity.

We create a space for all individuals to feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable, to open up and feel deep into themselves. We offer workshops in a variety of areas, all united by a common vision. In the same space you attend a yoga class, you will find Breathwork sessions, dance or Tantra workshops.

Our lovely facilitators (Credit: Johan Planefeldt johanplanefeldt.com/)


Integrity and mutual respect are the two core values on which we build, and which we take as our responsibility to embody and ensure. We wish for each soul to respect and observe the boundaries and desires of another through consensual and non-violent communication. This includes but is not limited to respecting the fashion in which souls want to be addressed.

We are a community of mostly professional teachers, who come together to manifest a common vision of creating a space, where all souls are equally welcome. A space free of prejudice, societal roles, and dogmas. A space that privileges pure being in the here and now. 

We regard ourselves as a union of individuals who share a common path of personal growth and we invite everyone who wishes to join us. 

(Credit: Johan Planefeldt johanplanefeldt.com/)

Our path is that of conscious authenticity through purity, vulnerability and nudity in an intimate, mindful, and safe atmosphere.

We are creating a space in which what matters is not, where the souls who visit us come from, but where they want to go, and we are keen to accompany them for part of the way. A communal space that supports everyone in their own personal growth, a deepening connection to themselves, the world, and the universe. Our different teachers accompany you in various ways but in a common direction: towards your self.

This manifest aims to create an inclusive framework allowing all souls to grow.

In order to strengthen this common foundation and convey our values, we have jointly developed an introductory workshop on ethics, guidelines & consent. Each soul participates in it and subsequently expresses explicit agreement before being invited to explore our diverse offers.

Following this introductory workshop, each soul receives a log-in for our website membership area, where they can book any of our workshops and classes, as well as enjoy other benefits (such as special rates on offers by our partners and teachers, which are not operated directly through VANI, such as. massages, individual coaching, therapeutic sessions etc).

Lots of Love!