How can I book a workshop?

To join any of our workshops, participation at our “Introductory Workshop” is mandatory. Following this introductory workshop, you will receive a log-in for our website membership area, where you can book any workshop and class. You will as well enjoy other benefits (such as special rates on offers by our partners and teachers, which are not operated directly through VANI, such as massages, individual coaching, therapeutic sessions, etc).

Do I have to be fully naked?

We offer workshops that request either optional, semi, or full nudity and we kindly ask you to respect this. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable at that moment or, e.g., don’t want to get fully naked due to your period, that’s fine and we also respect that.

Is this a sex thing?

No, it is not. We provide a safe space for vulnerability and nudity. We do have some sex-positive workshops though, but it is not a swinger club nor a sex meeting space. Nudity is not connected to sexuality automatically. Please do read the description of the single workshop carefully to be aware of what you can expect.

How do we deal with body reactions such as sexual arousal during the classes?

Nothing in particular, this is normal and we welcome it, as long as there is no specific intention or consent violation (e.g. staring). We interpret it as the person feeling safe and warm in our space, which is positive. We leave it up to each person how to handle this situation for themselves. That is part of the consensual and non-judgemental mindset we have and wish for everybody.

What if I notice I feel uncomfortable in the middle of a session?

This can happen to any of us at any time. Please feel free to ask for support from any of our angels/assistants on site. We are here for you. There will be no judgment if you decide to take a moment on the side or even leave. That’s totally fine, we’re happy to welcome you next time again.

Do I have to be naked during my period?

This topic is up to every single person at that moment. If you feel to leave your panties on, that’s totally fine and is the same for the participants and facilitators. So please be aware, that also in a fully naked workshop, there is the possibility, that some might not be fully naked.

What if during a workshop a trauma is triggered?

In our practice, we welcome all emotions, and we do our best to create a safe space for you to process your experience. Most of our facilitators have a trauma-informed practice and do their best to support you in your process. We are however not trauma experts, our work is not trauma dedicated, and our workshops are not a substitute for formal therapy. If you feel something deeper has been triggered during any of the workshops you’ve participated in, we can offer you limited support, and we encourage you to further seek formal therapeutic help.

What happens, if there is violation of consent?

Every participant will attend the introductory workshop before attending any class and agrees to the guiding principles of participation by signing a form with their name. Violations and intentional inappropriate behavior will lead to an investigation and a possible exclusion from the workshop and community.

Why are we so strict with entry times?

Creating a safe space includes setting clear boundaries, also in respect with time. We open our gates 20 min before the workshop starts, and once it started, we keep that current energy and don’t want to interrupt it and have to explain things over and over again.

Are animals allowed in the space?

No, unfortunately not.

Does VANI provide any food or drinks?

No, please bring your own if needed. We do have some tea and coffee.

Why is everything in English?

We had to start with one language. Some of our facilitators do not speak proper German yet, so we decided to start in English. It is also our internal language. We are already working on the German version of the website, please be patient. Lots of Love.


Please always bring a negative Schnelltest to our events, if you are neither vaccinated or recovered yet.