VANI’s Women Circle

In this often busy life, it’s so necessary to create a space to slow down, to connect with ourselves and the natural cycles, to share, to receive and offer support from our fellow women.

These circles are incredibly valuable in reminding us that it’s ok to be soft, to relax, to be feminine, to trust our body and its wisdom, to accept whatever is happening or we’re feeling in each moment, to listen deeply to our intuition and desires, to reflect on what’s working its way through us, what needs to be let go and what is longing to be created.

Women’s circles are always so delicious and soul nourishing, and the new moon is a fantastic time to go inwards, reflect, and set intentions for the coming month.

We will gather to share our presence, do some exercises to connect within and do some journaling. Whoever desires will have a chance to share their intentions with the group before releasing them.

We will also be incorporating some yummy body-based practices to deepen our connection to ourselves and let go of accumulated stress.


-Please dress in whatever makes you feel yummy, bring a notebook, pen, an object that makes you feel grounded and/or more you.
– The circle is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.