About Me
I want to arrive at 90 and feel a resounding “FUCK YES!” when I look back at the choices I made, the experiences I had, and the relationships I built. I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick. I remember asking myself out loud why I was Melody Kiersz, a human and not a dog or a cockroach, and why was I born to my parents… at 6 years old. This got me snickers from my classmates, but I knew I was onto something. This curiosity, and an unending determination to live life on my own terms, drove me to create my own custom-made degree in Happiness from New York University, get certified as a holistic health counselor and as a yoga teacher, and travel the world within and without. It also drove me to excavate all the ways in which I, and us humans, get in our own way when it comes to living a fully self-expressed life that is in alignment with our values and our desires. Through my explorations in yoga, tantra, buddhism, taoism, all kinds of mysticism, trauma healing, embodiment, and working through my own blocks and 10 years of coaching my clients through them, what I found is that it is our ignorance about how to be in a body (due to countless reasons) that keeps us trapped in making unempowered choices that leave us unable to enjoy the here and now. This is why my coaching and healing work is centered on using pleasure, sensuality, playfulness, and shadow work to create the safety necessary to return to fully inhabiting our bodies, so that we can all have that “FUCK YES!” moment when we get old. Find out more about my 1:1 and group programs at http://www.melodykiersz.com
Workshops given by this teacher
Body Appreciation & Pussy Gazing