Intuitive Movement & Emotional Release

Dearest Friends & Vani Tribe,

I wholeheartedly invite you to my newest Workshop Creation:

-Intuitive Movement & Emotional Release-

After it‘s initial success & the very positive feedback it received, I intend to offer it monthly now

Drawing from my experience of Yoga teaching and facilitating Bioenergetic Movement, as well my explorations in Martial Arts, Feldenkrais and Shamaic Movement, I’m bringinging alive my newest workshop creation: 

-Intuitive Movement & Emotional Release-  

With this Experience, it is my Intention to create a safe space for YOUR BODY to express itself exactly the way it wants to.

To Bring You back to the inner experiencing of YOUR BODY and its innate  & natural impulses. I strongly believe that You already know what You need, that YOUR BODY is the Guide to your well-being once you turn your undivided attention to it and allownit to express itself.

With the foundation of co-creating a loving & supportive space, checking in with each other how we feel in the beginning, we’ll breathe and meditate together to set our intention for the movement.

Then, with the support of wonderful selected music, we will go on an intuitive movement journey, where I’ll guide you into a deep inner connection with your body, from where you can simply let go and express yourself fully as you are.  This can and will look different for everyone. There are no expectations whatsoever of what needs to happen. You can laugh, you can cry, you can express your anger, your fear, your numbness, your tiredness, whatever is alive, moving as slowly or quickly as you feel. All of You is Welcome.

Simply allow your body and your voice to move it. That is the direct embodiment of Self-Love and can create space for deep Healing to take place.  *The Element of Optional Nudity can support the process of letting go & self-expression even more deeply, since we’ll be presently listening to what  or level of nudity our body is calling for. This is a safe space, where we can be fully as we are, treating both ourselves and each other with Respect, Kindess and Love.

After around an hour of intuitive movement, we will gather back into the group to integrate and share about our experience, lovingly holding each other in our processes and closing with a group meditation.

In Short, this Workshop is for YOU, if you want to…

–> CONNECT deeper with your Body and your Feelings

–> EXPRESS your Feeling through Movement and Voice

–> MOVE the Way our Body truly desires: fast, slow, activate, stretch, whatever happens when there is NO Expectation and personal Freedom  To MOVE YOU in the Moment.

If this resonates with you,

Practical Details:

Location: Gustav-Adolfsraße 15

Time: 19.30-21:30

Level of Nudity: Optional

I’m joyfully looking forward to connecting & co-creating the space together with you

With Love, Strength & Gratitude,

Henrik Devabodhi | Karl Henrik Sahlén