Update 2021

Dear lovely people,

will there be an end to this(?)
feeling again connection and bliss
and we don’t want to miss
sending you a rescue kiss

Much love!

Welcome to VANI

We invite you to walk this path of vulnerability through nudity together with us, we invite you to feel the rising authenticity in this intimate frame of braveness and become aware and experience, that nudity is not automatically connected to sexuality but to your true self.

How can I participate?

  1. Take part in our mandatory Introductory Workshop” (several dates per week)
  2. You will get a member-login to be able to book all other workshops
  3. Take part in any workshop and enjoy all benefits of our community

Lady in VANI state

As humans who have to navigate ourselves in society we oftentimes build up ideas of who we are. Here at VANI we provide a safe space to break down these preconceptions. A space to explore and experiment ourselves free of judgement and allowing a more authentic sense of expression and awareness.

In order to create this space, we need to have guidelines so we know how to communicate with each other and treat each other in a loving and respectful way. That is why we have an “Introductory Workshop”, which is mandatory for all participants who want to join and take part in any of our workshops.


Gustav-Adolf-Str. 15
13086 Berlin

Our main venue for our workshops and events is located in the northern area of Berlin.

It’s conveniently connected to Alexanderplatz with the tram M2.

Discover your inner worlds