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VANI - the studio for naked & conscious workshops in Berlin

Vulnerability through Nudity

A safe(r) space to reconnect with your true self and others

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Our first journey ended in 2023, thanks everyone who shaped VANI!

As we bid adieu to this beautiful chapter of vulnerability, authenticity, nudity, and intimacy that we’ve co-created over the past three years, let us remember that farewells are not endings but mere pauses in the symphony of our lives.

Our journey together has been a profound exploration of the depths of our souls, where we stripped away masks and found the courage to be our authentic selves. Through vulnerability, we discovered strength. Through intimacy, we found connection. Through nudity, we embraced our truest forms.

While this iteration of VANI may be coming to a close, our collective spirit and the lessons we’ve learned will remain etched in our hearts. The project is not disappearing; it’s simply transforming, evolving into a new and exciting form that will continue to nurture our growth and connection. Let us take the wisdom we’ve gained from these past three years, the bonds we’ve forged, and the moments of raw authenticity we’ve shared, and carry them with us as we embark on new journeys.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of VANI, where we will continue to explore, learn, and grow together in ways that will surely inspire and enrich us even further.

Until we meet again, may you all walk your paths with the strength and authenticity that VANI has nurtured within us.

With heartfelt gratitude and love,
The VANI team

Vulnerable Authentic Naked Intimate

Welcome to VANI

We invite you to walk this path of vulnerability through nudity together with us, we invite you to feel the rising authenticity in this intimate frame of braveness and become aware and experience, that nudity is not automatically connected to sexuality but to your true self.

How can I participate?

  1. Take part in one of our “Consent & Boundaries” Workshops (“Yes I Care” or “Express Consent“)
  2. You will get a membership to be able to participate in all other workshops
  3. Take part in any workshop and enjoy all benefits of our community
Lady in VANI state

A free & safe space

A growing community

Our first priority is to ensure that this space is safe and there is a 0 tolerance to any kind of abuse. We make our values really clear and we have protocols to fend off predators with trustworthy facilitators that we self-supervise with other facilitators and assistants. 

We are building a community to support each other, heal, remember and learn together. We strive to provide aligned content and activities, we also believe that a community shouldn’t be an island, so building bridges to other like-minded communities which have interesting common grounds that our members can benefit is another of our goals.

In order to create this space, we need to have guidelines so we know how to communicate with each other and treat each other in a loving and respectful way. That is why we have several Consent & Boundaries Workshops, which are mandatory for all participants who want to join and take part in any of our workshops.

The participation in the “Express Consent” Workshop is always connected to the participation of the main workshop that same evening. With that you are able to join the “Yes I care” for free to dive deeper into that topic.

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Where to find our studio?

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 15
13086 Berlin

Our main venue for our workshops and events is located in the northern area of Berlin.

It’s conveniently connected to Alexanderplatz with the tram M2.