YES I CARE! – making consent & boundaries sexy again

Welcome to VANI – Vulnerable Authentic Naked Intimate

We changed the name and the length of the “Introductory Workshop” and made it a stand alone workshop, as we got so many feedback, that this session is also soo valuable without wanting to join our VANI workshops.

Still, this workshop is mandatory for all who want to enjoy any of our other workshops incl. nudity. With this we would like to give the possibility to everyone to be on the same level of knowledge about our space, values and guidelines.

Throughout this workshop we will communicate our guidelines for a safe(r) space, we will take a moment to reflect and agree on these guidelines together, and we will guide you through a series of exercises where you can experience the sense of your own boundaries, communicate them in a healthy way, practicing taking NO for an answer, experience self-care and and take home some tool for your everyday life!

Consciousness about these topics is the key to a wonderful journey to and through yourself, at VANI or in your private & professional life, cause that is what we stand for.

Vulnerability is in us and not outside of us. So if you are just here to look for something on the outside, maybe just looking for naked bodies, you’re surely in the wrong space. This Space is there for those, who want to jump into their own vulnerability and authenticity and experience awareness on another level through all kinds of different teachings and workshops!

After this workshop you will get full access to our Webpage, become part of our community and are able to book all offered workshops and enjoying a lot of other benefits, e.g. booking one-on-one sessions with some of our facilitators, booking massages with price reduction and much more.

Please come as you are, we will walk a little of the way together.

Please be on time, doors open at least 20min before the workshop starts.