About Me
Matt has been teaching traditional Hatha Yoga and meditation since 2016, and now resides in the Canary Islands teaching students from across the world. His yoga classes have an emphasis on muscle engagement, body alignment, clear instruction and correct use of the breath, while his meditation practices focus on calming the mind and cultivating awareness of our body. Matt believes that the practice of Yoga is not complicated - it is a practice of simplicity, honesty and of self-realisation and understanding. Yoga is available to everyone, regardless of flexibility or physical strength - even the simplest of movements contain benefits for our bodies and minds, and that to train and practice naked is to enjoy the body with which we have been gifted in a natural and harmonious way.
Workshops given by this teacher
[Mxn Naked Hatha Yoga](https://vani.studio/event/naked-hatha-yoga-online/) & [Naked Meditation and Mindfulness](https://vani.studio/event/naked-meditation-mindfulness-online/)