VANI’s Playfight

What is VANI Playfight about?  

In this event we will awaken our bodies and minds into more presence and awareness. Playfighting is a way to connect with others in an intuitive way, by tapping into one’s playful side.  

For me, playfighting is the possibility for self-expression and to show one’s heart and soul. In this event the revealing of oneself can be enhanced by revealing your body as well.    

How naked is it?  

Nudity is optional, but not mandatory. It is up to everyone how much they want to uncover themselves. Our clothes and how much skin we show is a way of communication that can be played with consciously in this event.  

Consent is an essential part of feeling comfortable enough to freely express oneself. We will begin the evening with an introduction and a warm up phase of partner exercises to tune the group in and establish consent awareness.   

Who is this for?  

You should be comfortable with nakedness around you. You should also be aware of your boundaries and be able to express them clearly. Some experience with consent culture and events are recommended.  

Beyond this you should enjoy playful physical interaction with others. You don’t have to be experienced in playfighting to enjoy this event. If you practice contact-improv, acro-yoga, dancing, flowing or any other embodiment practice, you might also like some of the various ways of playing on the mat.   

What to bring?  

– comfortable clothes that you can move well in 

– a towel or blanket to sit on  

– water or other non-alcoholic drinks, this is a sober event.  

– joy in moving and playing  

I’m looking forward to meet you on the mat.

Lots of Love,