VANI Community Meeting (maybe outside)

Hello lovely dear! 

we warmly invite you to our big Community Gathering in September, maybe at the lake of Weisser See if the weather is good. We will definitely meet first at the Studio and see from there.

We will prepare wonderful snacks and drinks.

This afternoon is for us to connect with each other, to get to know the other VANIs, talk to some facilitators about their work and hang out with like-minded people.

The focus is not on Nudity, but if you feel like, you can, and if the weather is good, skinny dipping yeeah.

Please bring in anycase a towel, good vibes and curiosity that day!

The tickets and contributions are covering food and drinks, but also supports the VANI Studio. Also that’s how we know how many people will join, to not waste any groceries.

Looking forward to see you all!