Sensual embodiment

Surrender to the delicate voice within, stand in your power and explore gentle intimacy in a judgement-free, safe container


Sensuality means something different to each of us. This workshop guides you to explore your own concepts of sensuality and question the boundaries and truths, on which your operational system functions.

Sensual embodiment unites movement and touch, dance and play, and verbal and non-verbal expression, communication and connection. In partner work, small groups and in a big circle we will be guided to perceive each other’s energies and bare witness to the magic that we co-create.

Take the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful, respectful community in order to let your guards and fears behind. Know your authentic self is welcome here. Enjoy being witnessed by your loving peers. Experience safe, sensual heaven.

Liberate yourself.


Please make sure to have participated in the mandatory consent workshop before joining.


About the Instructor 

Xenya has no memories of herself before she was dancing. As long as she can remember herself, she dances as a way to process and express feelings. Being able to express your emotions with your body can act as a great catalyst for processing and releasing stagnant energies in your emotional body, while letting yourself get carried away by music is a healing journey of its own. Xenya practises meditation, mindfulness and yoga amongst other healing modalities, but connection through dance has always been her N°1 medicine.