Sensual Cacao Ceremony

This Sensual Cacao Ceremony is the opportunity to celebrate your body, senses and feelings. Join this evening ritual and enjoy the heart-opening warmth of Cacao. Come and spend a few hours together, awakening your senses and exploring your own desires. This evening is for everyone.

Cacao is a medicine plant embedded in many traditions around the world, often in combination with intention setting and manifestation. Cacao helps you to establish and strengthen the connection to yourselves and others. During this special sensual Cacao evening you will focus on the connection with yourself and your own desires. This Cacao Ceremony is completely for you!

With the help of Cacao we will open the space for a soft sensual self-exploration, where you are invited to give yourself loving touch, staying connected with the emotions arising in the present moment. I will guide you with some ideas and provide some inputs and items to stimulate your imagination and skin; however, you are welcome along the whole evening to follow your intuition and respect your own pace. There are no expectations. Also, you can enjoy this Sensual Cacao Ceremony being completely naked as well as completely dressed (and all shades in between).


  • Cacao Ceremony with guided meditation in English
  • Time to feel, appreciate, move, embody and integrate
  • Impulses and invitations for a sensual self-love exploration
  • Freedom to adapt the ceremony to your own comfort level and pleasure


  • Comfortable, sensual clothes (comfortable for sitting, sensual to your own liking)
  • A lungi or towel
  • Oil, if you like

About Me

Chiara is passionate about movement, dance, sensuality, cacao and nature. Born in Italy, lived in quite a few countries, since 10 years she made Berlin her nest. After her studies in marketing and intercultural communication, she expanded her interests and got a traineeship in conscious sensuality and one in Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. Since 2016 she has been including cacao into her spiritual practices and later completed a cacao training. Nowadays she combines the work with cacao together with her other passions, often collaborating with other artists and facilitators in co-creation projects. Chiara offers private massage session, organizes conscious events and rituals in Berlin and is happy to help people to connect with themselves and others.