ON DUALITIES – The Worldly & Spiritual


Join us for the third edition of VANIs series on researching our very own embodiment, relationship and approach to dualities in our lives:

In this series, somatic educator and therapist Florian & yoga teacher + life coach Henrik with a degree in psychology will guide you through a shared and co-created experimental journey.

In a brave space, with methods out of mindful movement, meditation, yoga, coaching, bioenergetic bodywork and conscious engagement – always re-connecting the bodily experience through sharing circles – we will witness each other in exploring our relationship with the “spiritual” us and our “worldly” self.

As an individual engaged in spirituality, do you find yourself struggling with worldly tasks at times or making sense of them? Deadlines, taxes, commitment and others?

Or are you desiring to access spirituality more but feel stuck or distracted by your everyday life?

In this edition we want to dive into these experiences on a joint journey to support each other in our growth. Let’s turn these challenges into a dance between realms and transcend this dualism into oneness.

We are looking forward to meet, dance & dive deep with you.

Much Love,

Henrik & Florian