Meeting Yourself

How easy is it for you to accept yourself ? To look in the mirror with positive and kind eyes? Are you getting stuck in loops of negative self talk? Are you longing for a space to get in touch with yourself? 

Why is it often easy to treat others with kind words and at the same time hard to say these words to ourselves? 

In this workshop we practice to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion. 

Together we’ll cocreate a space of vulnerability where we can share parts of our journey and let ourselves be held by community. 

At the same time we’ll open up to look at ourselves and go into a deep self-reflection. Like this we work towards meeting ourselves with compassion. 

Join the workshop for a deepdive into the relationship with yourself.  

What do you need? 

  • journal (or pen & paper)
  • sarong or towel to sit on 
  • optional: an object representing the love to yourself for the altar  

This is a VANI workshop which invites nudity. Nudity is optional but please be aware that other participants might choose to be naked. 

Every participant needs to have joined the mandatory consent workshop before hand (Express Consent or Yes I Care workshop)

Lots of Love,