Basic Pair Massage Course (no Intro needed)

an Event of “Skin&Soul Holistic Wellness

Hello lovelys,

do you like giving massages but are not always confident in what you are doing? Especially when you give it to a person you like/love? Maybe preparing for a special occasion on Valentines Day?

As a professional Masseur I remember my way of learning and becoming confident in giving massages, and I want to give you also the opportunity to lern the basics to get more confident in giving a service of love to the person you like/love.

You would need to come as a pair, your relation or gender doesn’t matter, but you will stay together during the whole workshop and practice on each other.

In this workshop we will start with an opening circle and get to know each other and your expectations and intentions for this evening.
After that, every pair will get comfortable and make their little nest, deciding who goes first and getting as much undressed as you feel comfortable together and in the group.

We will go slowly over each body part one by one and I show first on a model what technique you can use and then give you time to practice. I will also come around and adjust if necessary and give you tips individually. Also important is the communication between the giver and receiver, we are here to learn, so I encourage the receiver to tell how it feels and if something needs to change.

If one of you feels uncomfortable to be massaged or give massage on a particular body-part, you can skip that one and continue which the previous part. 
Be aware that a massage can release sexual energy, especially when you’re in a sexual relation with your partner. This is normal and welcome, but not the focus of this workshop. Depending on the group and expectations we will or won’t include genitals, just be aware of the possibility.

Both people in a group will be massaged and give a massage, that’s important to become more confident, so you’ll have the experience of giving a certain touch and at the same time receiving the same and be able to adjust accordingly.

We will work with oil (provided), so please bring 2 big towels (not provided)

The workshop will be limited to 4 pairs, 1 Ticket counts for two people/1 pair.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to write me.

Looking forward and see you soon!

Lots of Love,


This session will be teached by Lucas. Read more about him here: