Let us (imperfectly) protect our Love from Jealousy

It’s time to talk about the imperfect process of coming to terms with the dark parts of JEALOUSY to see how much light it actually holds. We want to disempower it’s destructive energy to not allow it to mess with our loving relationships. 

That’s why we will deconstruct this topic from different perspectives (biological, cultural, anthropological, psychological) and learn practical strategies to better cope with it, and maybe turn it into a constructive self development tool.

Why would you come, if you are not a jealous person, right?

We start from the premise that there is no such thing as jealous people, because it’s just a feeling. Feelings get to be felt by everyone in different circumstances and that doesn’t mean they are part of our identity, and we don’t want to make it so.

This space is also open to share our views and stories with each other in order to create a community feeling towards what we experience. We can plant our little seed in the relief of cultural shame we attach to some normal emotions that make it harder to recognize and accept them in ourselves. Acknowledging and sharing our vulnerabilities just makes us more human and open beautiful connecting spaces, but if this topic is too intimate or overwhelming, this workshop also includes a notebook to make the self introspection journey at home.