Embodied Relating for Deeper Connection

Are you interested in deepening your way of connection to friends, lovers, family and even co-workers?

Throughout the past two years of the pandemic much changed for us, also the way we are interacting, getting in touch -if at all – and even meet new people. The well known handshake is in question to ever come back, we experience quite some surprises to meet in real life after having spent so much time in virtual rooms and some interactions don’t seem as natural any more.

But whilst the world slowly allows more gatherings and personal meetings again in real life, how can we use this re-set to make encounters even more real, coming from our core and revive interaction with whole-heartedness and meaning? Can we listen to what levels of touch, interaction and close-ness are serving us in our own individual way?

In this experimental space we will go through different exercises and reflections, using touch, movement in the group or with a partner, but also work on our connection to ourselves.

You will leave empowered with some tools for daily life, on how we can build bridges between each other and touch another person, even on a soul level!