Dick Gazing

Each and every man has his very own relationship to his dick. Some are dominated by shame, others filled with pride. Nuances, and variations are found between both, and also the perception might change at times – or the shadows that are not even yet conscious.

We will start by exploring individual and shared experiences in a circle.

After some warm up and safety-building exercises we will have some time to reconnect with our cocks by ourselves with the help of a mirror and then later gaze at each other’s and offer words of appreciation.

Through sharing, being seen and showing yourself, you will walk away confident, connected and empowered.

So bring your curiosity and in community leave shame, guilt and prejudice behind.

NOTE: this workshop will be facilitated by Florian and Melody.

Yes, a woman will take part because in addition to this being a workshop to explore your own relationship to your dick, it will also serve as a pre-requisite to create a safe space for a mixed gender Pussy Gazing event which Melody will be teaching.