Body Appreciation

This is for you! No ifs or mays. Most of us could appreciate their body a bit more than we actually do, so let’s come together and do so in a guided workshop as a group of individuals, to celebrate everyBodys own beauty. 

You can see this workshop as a healing platform, an energizing gathering and a learning session. 

All Bodies are welcome, all shapes and genders, all colors and ages! Let’s admire and worship each others differences and individuality. We will start with creating a safe container through an opening ceremony and some trust building experiences before we move to the main part of the gathering.

Everybody will have the opportunity to undress as much as they feel comfortable with and share with the group what exactly they like/love and appreciate on their own body. In a second step they can allow the group to also share what they appreciate on the body they see in front of them.

In the end you will walk out with a positive feeling, energized and more confident in your skin.

Guided by Alexandra & Lea

Note: partial and full nudity are optional for this workshop. While you can choose not to take your clothes off, please be aware that there is a strong possibility that you will be seeing others in the nude. Therefore you need to have attended the mandatory “Consent Workshop” first. Check the Website for more infos.

Come let go of your body image hang ups!