Bare Presence

A workshop in movement, stillness and witnessing. 

Join Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator Florian on a unique experience:
in embracing of our vulnerability and pride, shame and shine we will use methods of Authentic Movement, Mirroring, Sharing and Improvisation to express ourselves in a way we want to be seen, but also touching the parts we hide most, physically and mentally, maybe even the parts we are hiding in this life. 

After an opening ceremony, warm up and arrival, we slowly enter into a mode of movers and witnesses, allowing you to express and be experienced in your very own light. 

Experience a circle of committed being to be in movement f what is present for your in the very moment, embracing the not knowing and celebrating grief, uncovering shame and unfolding our authentic selves. 

This workshop requires full nudity & vulnerability.

Lots of Love,