Asshole Workshop

Shameful, dirty, vulnerable – ugly?   

Are these the associations in your mind when thinking of your butthole?    

After the great success of our two workshops “Pussy Gazing”, “Dick Gazing” & our first Edition of this workshop we got amazing feedback and the request to take it one step further and give the opportunity to connect even more with your butthole. 

Are you convinced that special products and hair removal are necessary for them to be acceptable, desirable, fuckable, lovable? We have often been taught to only pay attention to them in connection with digestion; forgetting that, as with any other body part, they also deserve love and appreciation. And, of course, we are all our own worst critic.   

No matter our gender, this way of relating to our buttholes has resulted in us being disconnected from this very sensitive body part, which carries the most nerve-ends in one spot and can be so much more then just a gateway for waste.   

In this all-genders workshop we will create a beautiful and sacred space for us to rekindle and heal our relationship with our buttholes, and witness the great diversity of shapes and colors they come in.  

What to expect: 

– movement 

– meditation  

– solo gazing 

– group gazing 

– sharing  

(nothing is mandatory, if you don’t feel like doing one of the exercises, you can of course take a moment for yourself and skip)

We want to offer the opportunity to break with the tabu and bring awareness to the range of feelings our butthole can bring, create a safe(r) space where we can connect with ourselves and share our perspective with others.

Please bring a towel and take care of your hygiene whilst coming to this workshop.

Consent Workshop mandatory before!

Language: English  

Workshop givers: Florian (m) and Chiara (f) Insert Bio or Link to our VANI profiles