About Me
Annika Tara is born of a german mother and an American father. Her childhood was spent in a spiritual commune in the united states, where she cultivated her soul in the herb garden, farm, and forest, surrounding this secluded oasis of a spiritual community. Since then she has pursued all matters of excellence and skill acquisition in the fields of art, dance/movement, wilderness survival, fashion, and facilitation. Moving to Berlin in 2017 with her daughters and husband, she is now honored to offer a wealth of experience in creating self-love, self-exploration, and self-expression by way of American tribal style belly dancing and visual art workshops.
Workshops given by this teacher
[Watercolor Flow – Creativity is Birthright ](https://vani.studio/event/watercolor-flow-creativity-is-birthright/) [DIY Tarot Collage – Creativity is Birthright](https://vani.studio/event/diy-tarot-collage-creativity-is-birthright/) [Mandala – Peering into the Subconscious](https://vani.studio/event/mandala-peering-into-the-subconscious/)