Prices and memberships

Regular prices for Workshops with the following duration:

60 mins —– 15 €
90 mins —– 20 €
120 mins — 25 €
150 mins — 30 €
180 mins — 35 €

Early Bird Tickets for every event available (ca. 10-14 days before)

What is a membership at VANI?

Once you participated in our “Introductory Workshop” you’ll get a personal login to our webpage, become a member and have access to all our Workshops and gathering.

Friends invite Friends:

As a member, if you invite a friend to join the Introductory Workshop, you will pay only half price on your next Workshop after their participation. To have the validation, the friend has to mention your name during the ticket-process of the Introductory Workshop.*


This is for supporters who can and want support VANI additionally.

  • Choose your own monthly contribution (PayPal or Bank Transfer).
  • Get invited to all our additional activities (e.g. picnics, lake days, nature trips, adventures).
  • Access to our teachers and their additional work outside of VANI.


  • 222 € per month.
  • One free 60min Wellness-Massage per month.
  • Access to all our Workshops for free.
  • Invitation to all our gatherings for free including a second person.
  • Direct access to our teachers and their additional work outside of VANI.

You can pause the Flatrateship for two months per year in which you won’t be able to come (vacations or business reasons for example).

*Not included: workshops which have a duration of more than 4h.

Benefits and access to our teachers work outside of VANI:

  • Sexual Coaching
  • Sexual Consultancy
  • Certified Tantra Massage
  • Tantric BDSM Sessions
  • De-Armoring
  • Tantric Bodywork
  • Embodied Coaching
  • Psychedelic Guidance
  • Somatic Bodywork
  • Classic Full-body Massage