Your Body – Your Altar

At VANI we celebrate the body mostly in its nude and pure form.

After a community meditation and undressing ritual – we want to discover this aspect of it in a safe, protected and individual but also shared process all in our own homes. We will engage with the body as a landscape and travel through its qualities – researching and re-discovering the known and unknown.

After this, we want to take a new approach to the clothing covering us in our daily lives. Instead of covers, let’s approach getting dressed as celestial decoration of our bodies as our altars.

In this workshop, you are free to get creative and use your own home as your stage.

The shown levels of nudity in this workshop are your own choice, we appreciate though if you leave the camera on and maybe just show a bodypart/shadow to not have black screens in the class.

How does this work online?

After signing in for the class you will receive a ZOOM link. Following this link, you can either sign up in your browser or download the software to join the call. You need a device with a camera and speakers to fully join the workshop. Our facilitator will await you 10min prior to the beginning to clear any questions about tech before we start with the course.

Lots of Love <3