Womxn – Nude Yoga

During this deeply relaxing class you will be guided through a series of yoga positions that will stimulate your subtle bodies, chakras, and energetic meridians. This is accomplished by engaging your connective tissue that encapsulates and creates the physiological network of communication that this energy travels. By activating this connective tissue; fascia, ligaments, and tendons are lengthened and compressed to create greater flexibility, suppleness and freedom of movement. At the end of the class you will have a feeling of just finishing a beautiful moving meditation together.

Upon arrival we prepare for this deep level of acceptance by shedding our inhibitions to meet ourselves, our minds and our bodies on the Matt. In this potentially nervous context of practicing nude with others our senses are heightened, we feel more alert and awake, we may be pushing our own edge of what we’re comfortable with: and this is exactly the line we journey with Yin yoga, stretching just beyond what is comfortable and stopping before it’s too much. In this way our comfort zone stretches and we become more expansive and flexible in all aspects of our person. We tone our ability to respond instead of react by toning our Sympathetic nervous system, or our fight, flight, freeze reaction to stimuli. When we intentionally put ourselves into this “uncomfortable” zone, or out of our comfort zone, by being undressed in a safe and supported environment and the engaging in the practice of yoga, we ask ourselves to stay in this slightly uncomfortable place with ourselves for a sustained amount of time. When we accept this time and space we are giving to ourselves, it creates the opportunity to respond to what’s coming up inside of ourselves instead of reacting by “running away” or ” fighting it” or “ becoming petrified” or a nervous system response. The more we dip into the edge of our comfort zone the more space we create there for us to breath, ahhh, and then respond to those thoughts generated by other thoughts, emotions, beliefs or presenting physical sensations. This practice of responding instead of reacting is a beautiful benefit you can take beyond the Matt into your everyday life for a more peaceful and balance existence.

Please bring a yoga Matt, two towels (one to protect the studios’ bolsters and one to use for padding), if you have yoga blocks, and straps.

More about the philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga:

In principle Yin yoga is opposite of the more well known yoga practices such as ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, all in which emphasize vigorous movement, strength in addition to flexibility training. These yang practices build heat, outwardness, movement, and action while the Yin yoga practice is rooted in yin principles; darkness, inward, stillness, surrender, softness, hidden. Your yin qualities will be given space, creating a counter balance to our yang dominated day-to-day lifestyle.
Each posture is sustained and held for the adequate amount of time to allow the connective tissue to lengthen. In order for the stress (good kind of stress:)) to be taken by these connective tissues rather than the muscles, your muscles will be kept as much as possible in a state of relaxation. This relaxation is aided by the use of props- bolsters, yoga blocks, and blankets; they create a mobile scaffolding to drape yourself over. By hanging on this support structure your ligaments can take the stress rather than the muscles which can relax into this support. The purpose in the compression of these joints is to temporarily starve these areas of blood, nutrients, and oxygen, until the hold is released. With the release of the posture comes the new flow of blood and nutrients to the joint- flushing out the old, stagnant fluids. This gentle stress of stretching and compression keeps joints flexible, the connective tissue supple and with regular practice this contributes to your systems overall health.