VANI Womxn Circle

Through this circle we are creating a safe space of sharing for all Womxn, where we can meet ourselves where we’re at, give ourselves full permission to be our authentic selves, allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and witnessed, and to enjoy the privilege of active listening, whilst fully immersing into our sister’s worlds from a space of open curiosity, not-knowing, not-assuming, not-judging.

We will encourage a meditative character inviting you to stick to current sensations and body perceptions instead of switching to a story and ‘thinking about it’. In most cases, physical sensations and reactions are directly linked to what is happening and can give us a completely new approach to understanding the situation. In addition, the direct embodiment contains truths outside of the rationally understandable and analysable and are therefore closer to real experience. Naming the subtle and living sensations in our body leads again and again to deeper levels of truth and prevents us from getting lost in abstraction, giving space for insights and connection to happen naturally.

This workshop does not require nudity, and it’s hence open on any person identifying as a Womxn without the need to participate through the Introductory Workshop.