Watercolor Flow – Creativity is Birthright

Watercolor flow

Let’s really sink in and play! Experience the joy and wonder of pure color as it caresses, merges and mixes together. Hop from one puddle to another as you explore in this micro landscape of water on paper. Allowing yourself a place to experiment and be free with your own creativity. 

Upon arrival we will warming our bodies up with movement, allowing flow and breath to ground us into our practice. Heighten your play with facilitated foundational color theory and watercolor specific techniques. Within this safe and held container you are invited to allow your creativity and playful spirit flow out. 

No prior art experience needed for this class, creativity everyone’s birthright!

All materials are provided for the class, so you can just come, relax and create. Clothing is optional for this workshop, inviting you to wear as much or as little as you feel authentic in.