The Blind Touch – Women’s Edition

If you haven’t participated in any of our Workshops yet, please book also a ticket for the mandatory “Introductory Workshop” (if you have questions, don’t hesitate to write us)

Workshop description:

Most of us recognize the world only through the eyes, and even then, we don’t really see but only recognize things through our own filter, through our own perspective and miss the reality in its pure way.

In my Workshop The Blind Touch it’s all about being a witness of what is real & what is in your imagination, in your own reality. Become more aware, feel, feel deeply and truly into what is around you, without judging or thinking about it, just recognize your emotions.

How do we approach this in the Workshop? After a short round of getting to know each other, a little meditation and breathing, you will blindfold yourself, so until the very end you won’t see anything and your other senses will increase. In a next step you’ll undress consciously by not only removing your clothes but also all your judgment, your thoughts, your anxiety & any other emotion you don’t want to have right now. Then you can dive deeply into vulnerability and through nudity and the blindfolding, your other senses will be at their maximum. Enjoy it, feel it, embrace it.

After you got a bit used to this situation, my assistent and I will guide you and pair you up with a random person and the exercise rounds will begin slowly. In the first round, we will choose a “giver” & “receiver”. The receiver can choose their position (standing, sitting, lying down front or back) and the giver adapts and starts to give (strokes, massage, hug…) After a while we switch and giver becomes receiver and the other way round.

Then my assistant and I will again mix you, so you’ll be with a new energy and this time, both are receiver and giver and have to find a common ground of well being together without any verbal communication. This is when you start to feel, when your senses are at 100%.

In the end of our Workshop you can decide if you want to keep the fantasy of not knowing with who you were or if you want to discover your partner, this is obviously only possible if both want to see each other, otherwise my assistant and I will mix you again before you take of your eye cover.

More details about consent, help and care during the workshop will be explained in the beginning of the Workshop. Please be aware that during the whole session there won’t be any penetration but it can be very exciting and sexual depending on the energies of the participants.