Spiritual Intimacy

🌻 Spiritual Intimacy – Are you ready for an adventure?

How to connect with yourself and other people on the deepest level? In this workshop we want to reach the deepest part of our being that lies beyond our thoughts and constructs. When we reach this place together a deeper connection and intimacy becomes possible. A sensation of unity may arise and you may have a deep insight into who you really are. You are not a human having a spiritual experience. You are one spiritual being having over 7 billion human experiences. It’s time you come home. 

This workshop is part of VANI – a space where you can be completely yourself, vulnerable, authentic, naked, and intimate.🎬 

Part 1️⃣: Introduction and demonstration of the philosophies behind Spiritual Intimacy.

Part 2️⃣: Playful exercises to loosen our constructs and getting into group flow.

Part 3️⃣: Increase sensuality and vulnerability to go beyond thought, construct and story. We will do this in a ritualistic manner while undressing. You can decide how far you will go (partially / fully).

Notes ❗️: Please always arrive 15 minutes before. Bring a towel and come in comfy clothes.

(!) You can only book this event as a registered participant of VANI. Are you already part of our VANI community? No? No problem! Join our “Introductory Workshop“. Here you learn all about our Vision, Guidelines, Consent, and more in a playful/interactive manner. After this workshop, you will get full access to our Webpage and become part of our community.

20:00 Spiritual Intimacy Workshop
22:00 Closing Ceremony
22:30 Place Closes

Andrej’s roots lie in Psychology. During his university studies he became dissatisfied with his Psychologie curriculum. In search of more, he began to travel, read and experiment with different teachings in personal development, Philosophy and spirituality. In his Spiritual Intimacy workshops he combines his insights and tries to create a “we-space” where we can experience a deeper connection with “being”.QUESTIONS:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can write your question under “discussion” or if you want to reach me personally, write me an email: [email protected]