Spiritual Intimacy – Archetypes 1

Our psyche is deep, multi-layered and profoundly mysterious. The path of self-discovery is a never ending journey full of revelations. Are you ready for an adventure? In each Spiritual Intimacy workshop at VANI you discover and integrate (at least in part) a different part/layer of your personality/psyche. This self-discovery and integration process will help you to become a more integrated/authentic human being and enables you to connect to yourself and other people more deeply.

❓What to expect?
Each Spiritual Intimacy workshop has a unique theme, where you get to know a different layer of your psyche. Vulnerability, deep connection and mindfulness will guide our explorative process. 

Part 1️⃣ | Introduction: 
Each workshop will start with a short meditation and introduction of the event’s topic (see below for this workshop’s topic), followed by playful group forming exercises to arrive, loosen up and connect with yourself and your fellow VANI members.

Part 2️⃣ | Self-Discovery and Connection:
Here we will start to dive deeper into the part/layer of your psyche (workshop’s topic – see below) through individual and group exercises. We will also work with touch (e.g holding each other, hugging), movement (e.g dancing) and rituals (e.g. optional undressing ritual). Consent will always be our Nr. 1 priority!

Part 3️⃣ | Integration and Gratitude:
Here we want to integrate this (re)discovered part of your psyche into your whole system. If succeeded you will become (a little bit) more you. Meaning: Your psyche is more aligned and integrated. Hence, you also feel more in sync with the different parts/layers of your personality. In the you can also access more resources which can help you face your daily challenge in a more creative way.

📚 This workshop’s topic:
According to depth psychology archetypes are an essential part of your psyche. They regulate, modify and steer your conscious experience of life from your unconscious . They express themselves often in your fantasies, impulses, desires and dreams.
They are much older and much stronger than you – your ego consciousness. Hence, it is important to get to know and befriend these parts of your psyche in order to feel more peace, unity and alignment. Imagine if all your psychological parts are united and directed towards one goal. How would that feel? How much more energy would you have? How much more “put together” would you feel? How different would you face your challenges ahead? How better could you connect to others, if you are a more integrated human being?

🏹 What you’ll learn:

  • What are archetypes?
  • Why are they important on your journey to become a more integrated/authentic human being and enable you to connect to yourself and other people more deeply.
  • How to work with your archetypes?
  • How to use your archetypes to connect other people more deeply?
  • How to become to communicate/manage

🙋Is this workshop for you?
(1) Are you interested in discovering the depths of your psyche? This process can be revealing and healing, but is not always pleasant.
(2) Are you ready to work in a group, where optional consensual touch (e.g. hugging, holding each other) might be involved? We work with vulnerability, deep connection and mindfulness. Group work and touch facilitate this process.
(3) Are you willing to be seen, heard and express yourself in an honest and authentic way as much as possible? Are you willing to listen and be present during the workshop and in group work?  If you answer these questions with a “Hell yes!” then this workshop is for you!

🍑 Nudity:
This event will include options to participate in an undress ritual (partly/fully) in order to increase the vulnerability and facilitate the process of self-discovery, connection and integration. You always decide in the moment how far you want to go (not/partly/fully). All exercises are in the spirit of mindfulness, connection and vulnerability.

✍️ Registration:
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YES! ✅: Awesome. Then you have already received your login details. You can register for this workshop on this site.
No? ❌ No problem! Join our “Consent Workshop“ first. Here you learn all about our vision, guidelines, consent, and more in a playful/interactive manner. After this workshop, you will get full access to our webpage, become part of our community and can book all the courses that VANI offers at the moment. See here for an overview. 

👋  About the facilitator:
Andrej’s roots lie in psychology. During his university studies he became dissatisfied with his psychology curriculum. In search of more, he began to travel, read and experiment with different teachings in personal development, philosophy and spirituality. In his Spiritual Intimacy workshops he combines his insights and tries to create a “we-space” where the group can explore the deeper parts of their psyche in a playful and vulnerable manner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can reach Andrej via email: [email protected]

❗️Important note:
Self-discovery and integration of the different parts of your psyche is a life-long process. Hence it can’t be accomplished in one workshop. Spiritual Intimacy intends to add every month a new workshop topic, where we explore a new part/layer of your personality/psyche. Possible topics are: Persona, Inner Child archetype, Shadow, Collective Unconscious, Self-Archetype and many more. Hence you can use this workshop series for your personal journey in becoming a whole, united and self-realized human being. Every month, you can decide if the workshop’s topic speaks to you and you want/can join. This is your decision. This journey – although not always pleasant – can be very rewarding – especially if you continue with the self-discovery and integration process. Your reward? Becoming more you! A more holistic, integrated and well put together person, able to better navigate the challenges of modern life and reach your personal goals easier.