Somatic Fake Therapy

Fake Therapy is an open concept in which anyone can take the role of the therapist or the patient, and in which roles are exchangeable. We will create our own treatments for our problems, with the help of others.

Touch, attention and intention will be our main tools. No solution or cure is intended. The space aims to be filled with playfulness and trust.

This workshop is for those who…

  • have problems (or can make them up) and want to share them
  • don’t expect to find a solution to them in the workshop
  • are open to playfulness
  • are comfortable with touch
  • commit to confidentiality of other people’s problems

The concept of ‘Fake therapy’ was created by artist Valentina Desideri, who shares it as open source. They define Fake Therapy as a practice “between two persons that stimulate and reactivate the sometimes hidden capacities of anyone to heal anyone (or anything) else.“ For this workshop, we will take a creative look at Desideri’s proposal and
create our own deck of healing cards.

The workshop will start with an introduction followed of warm-up exercises that allow us to interact with the different participants and get a sense of the space and the atmosphere. Then the concept will be explained in more detail and every participant will have the chance to write several healing cards. These healing cards are actions and
answer to questions such as: What actions soothe me when I’m in distress? What makes me feel better? These cards will be mixed up and thus the healing card deck will be created.

Participants will be paired up randomly. The first round will take place in underwear. One person will be the healer and the other one the receiver. The receiver will share a concrete problem that needs attention. The healer will receive 5 random cards, which will guide the treatment. The pair will negotiate boundaries and the receiver can choose whether to see the cards in advance or not. Then the session will start. After it’s done, roles will switch. After this first round, we will have a small pause. In the second round, there will be the option of undressing fully.

In case you have questions regarding accessibility, need more information about the exercises, need assistance with language or any other type of concern, contact the facilitator.