Weekly Nude Yoga


This class in open to all, meaning you don’t have to have been to the Introductory Workshop before and there won’t be any assistant.

After a warm welcome and before the  onset of class, everyone will remove their clothing in radical nudity, leaving them safely behind as we join together in silence and stillness on our matts. 

Coming into an awareness of deepening the breath, the class sets its foundation. From this connection of consciousness to body we utilize our breath as anchor and support throughout the practice, building on strength, flexibility and endurance as the class progresses. The practice will become increasingly more intense with integrated and optional modifications offered throughout, supporting a variety of experience levels and physical needs. After the apex of the progression, cooling postures will bring us to ground ourselves on the earth. Through shivasana we witness and integrate those jewels found in the depths of our practice so we may bring their beauty into our day, letting their brilliance shine through us. 
Peaceful and invigorated you will start your day because you’ve chosen to support and care for yourself.

Please also support yourself by bringing a matt & a towel