Mxn Circle – Brotherhood Online Edition

This workshop DOES NOT CONTAIN NUDITY and is therefore OPEN FOR ALL.

– When men become brothers –

Throughout the change of times and speed of our lives we often feel disconnected – and not only from ourselves, also from the world around us. 
In this regular circle of men coming together, we invite you join us for a serious of rituals, movements and exchange to deepen the connection to our sacred masculinity. A masculinity of caring, nurturing, support and interconnectedness. When we are leaving competition, comparison & inner and outer combats behind – us men can find and rediscover our strengths and potentials when lived and shared in community. 
This is safer space without labels or intentions – a yielding into the being, the body and ignition of brotherhood – welcoming all male identities. 

This Workshop is donation based, but you still need to purchase a ticket due to limited Spots. Thank you brother and see you soon!