Mandala – Peering into the Subconscious

Creativity is birthright

Working in the round with oil and chalk pastels we will explore color, texture, and form following our creative impulses and allowing the end result be a reflection of the journey. This mandala approach is as much about the process of creating as the final image. 

A guided sound journey will ground and open you up to what would like to be expressed creatively. In this relaxed and centered state you will create your mandala, allowing with curiosity and non- judgement your hand, eyes, mind and colors to flow onto the page. 

After you feel that your expression has come to a harmonious completion, guided questions will be offered for a interpretation session of the mandala that you created. Following this reflection session you will have the option to share with others what you discovered. 

No prior art experience needed for this workshop, creativity everyone’s birthright! All materials are provided for the class, so you can just come, relax and create. Clothing is optional for this workshop, inviting you to wear as much or as little as you feel authentic in.