DIY Tarot Collage – Creativity is Birthright

DIY Tarot collage

Tarot cards inspire the creation of our own collages representing our past, present and future- acknowledging our roots and foundation, witnessing where we stand right now, and our vision and intention for the future. 

Upon arrival we will warming our bodies up with movement, allowing flow and breath to ground us into our creative practice. We will draw tarot cards for the past, present and future and uses these images to inspire our own personal tarot cards by cutting out words and images from magazines, gluing them together into personal meaningful images.

Within a safe and held container you will be invited to share the image’s meaning and what your intentions are. Speaking intentions and creating images helps to manifest these dreams from the ether and subconscious into the material world.

Art. Ritual. Magic. 

No prior art experience needed for this class, creativity everyone’s birthright! All materials are provided for the class, so you can just come, relax and create. Clothing is optional for this workshop, inviting you to wear as much or as little as you feel authentic in.