Deep Talks & Cuddles #2

We live in a time of paradoxes. We seem to be more connected than ever but lack often the deep connections our heart and soul long for. In our daily interactions we often play a role and do not feel really/truly seen.

We also lack often the skills to express our most authentic selves and are often afraid of the consequences if we do so. Most people never had good role models to learn how to be and communicate your most authentic self.

This workshop is about exploration, vulnerability, deep connection and mindfulness. But mostly it is about courage. Courage to speak/show your most authentic self and courage to be seen without your protective layers in a safer space. What you learn with your fellow VANI members here, you can translate into your life and relationships.

❓What to expect?
Each Deep Talks & Cuddles workshop has a unique theme, which will guide our interactions. We will start with a short meditation, followed by playful connection exercises to arrive, losen up and connect with self and each other. After that the event follows a structure where you alternate between deep talks (e.g. sharing, story telling) and cuddles (e.g. holding each other, hugging and free flow). Consent will be our Nr. 1 priority! Both, deep talks and cuddles are done in pairs or smaller groups. These exercises will help us raise our empathy and understanding. So that we can connection with ourselves and the group at a deeper level. In the end we’ll do an exercise where can try out our new found power of deep connection and raised empathy.

🎼 This event’s theme:
As mentioned above, each workshop has a theme. Our theme will be “Fear and Courage”. We will explore what fear and courage is? We will share stories about fear and courage? We will experiment and work with these two modalities during our time together.

🙋Is this workshop for you?
Here are some questions for you. (1) Are you an explorer who wants to dive deeper into the unknown territory of the human condition? (2) Are you comfortable with consensual human contact (e.g. cuddles) and sharing your stories? (3) Are you willing to be as much as possible honest, open and vulnerable with your self and your fellow VANI member during the exercise people? If you answer these questions with a “Hell yes!” then this workshop is for you!

🍑 Nudity:
This event will include options to undress your self (partly/fully) in order to increase the vulnerability. Hence there will possibilities where you may share your stories while partly/fully naked. Partly/fully naked cuddles will be also possible. However, consent is required at all levels and from all people during each interaction. Each deep talk and each cuddle exercise will be guided, where I invite you to check in and connect to your deeper feeling. You always decide in the moment how far you want to go. All exercises are in the spirit of mindfulness, connection and vulnerability.

✍️Registration: You can only participate in this event as a registered participant of VANI. Are you already part of our VANI community? No? No problem! Join our “Introductory Workshop“. Here you learn all about our vision, guidelines, consent, and more in a playful and interactive manner. After this workshop, you will get full access to our webpage and become part of our community. More info at:

❗Please always arrive 15 minutes before. Bring a towel, a drink bottle and come in comfy clothes.