Collective Compassion

Whenever a loved one is in pain and suffering, we easily find compassion, love and kindness for this person – words of affirmation, a tender hug or just mindful listening. We say “It’s okay.”, “You are not alone.” or “Let me support you.”

But when it comes to our own vulnerability, such as not meeting our expectations, betraying our values, personal and professional failures or simply thinking “something is wrong about me”, we have difficulties to find that same compassion. We rather turn away from our suffering to sustain self-confidence and happiness, or we lose ourselves in endless ruminations of self-blame and self-judgement.

In this workshop I invite you to explore the nurturing effects of Collective Compassion – the ability to provide kindness, support and comfort not only to others but also to yourself in the daily chaos. 

Together we will learn and practice to:

… hold unpleasant emotions with kindness
… handle recurring thoughts and rumination with mindfulness
… cultivate a sense of togetherness as part of human suffering

With different meditations, exercises and reflections we cultivate our sense for Collective Compassion by:

* Activating our compassionate heart: provide compassion to someone in the group  (if consent exists, you might hold or hug your counterpart)

* Opening-up to our vulnerability: collective full or partial undressing

* Activating self-compassion: providing comfort and friendliness to ourselves

* Enhancing Collective Compassion: cultivating loving kindness in our hearts

We will use the element of full or partial nudity after the first part to support our mind in the process of open-up towards our own vulnerability. The moment when our skin is unprotected, and feelings of shame or wrongness might arise, has the potential to see how we can hold unpleasant emotions together in Collective Compassion.

The workshop is designed to be a “compassion practice playground”. We will only observe emotions and situations we can handle in this setting. Always make sure to take good care of yourself.


* Big towel
* Comfortable clothes
* Meditation cushion (if possible)