Body Unshamed

Every body, every being is perfect and beautiful as it is. To understand, to feel, to internalize and to express this is true beauty.

Which story does your body tell?

What about you do you reject and find unaesthetic?

What experiences have shaped your image of beauty and self-worth?

Every body and the memories stored in it tell their own individual story and are an essential part of us. My naked body is “drawn” and explicitly invites me to look “behind the façade”. With kindness, acceptance and to learn to appreciate it more and more as a teacher of superficialities. For a long time I believed that with a more aesthetic body there would not be all these inferiority complexes. On this way, however, I was surprised by the countless encounters with people who, from my perspective, had a beautiful body, and most of them had even more shame, complexes and blockages than I did. How is that possible?

In this workshop we will focus on exactly this topic. In a loving, attentive and accepting space. Confronting ourselves with our shame and really seeing each other in our pure vulnerability and nakedness and giving love and attention to all the rejected parts. To break the old bonds and memories and to let grow a whole new, powerful YES to yourself and your body. 

Allow your true beauty to shine and blossom with this consciousness from within you.