Authentic Breath

One of our main ways to avoid unwanted feelings is to control our breath. Often in a very early stage in life we learn that certain feelings like fear, shame or anger are not wanted. From the fear of being abandoned we try to avoid these feelings by contracting the diaphragm, chest and surrounding muscles and stopping the emotion to reach our vital body. As adults many of us still subconsciously supress certain feelings by not allowing our breath to run free. We can also find our fascia in the chest to be stagnated and blocked after a lifetime of repeating the same patterns, making it even difficult to physically take a full breath.

In this workshop you are invited to form a new relationship and awareness with your breath, learning how to allow the natural expansion and contraction of the lungs lead the way for how your breath and body actually wants regulate its emotional state in the present moment.

Authentic breath is informed by practices like Authentic Movement, Vipassana meditation and various breath work practises. It’s a somatic practice based on embodiment, sensory awareness and a trauma informed release of unexpressed feelings. We will work with witnessing and being witnessed as our stored emotions and tensions naturally unwind.