Authentic Movement & Breath

One of our main ways to avoid unwanted feelings is to control our breath and body movements. Often in a very early stage in life we learn that communicating certain feelings, needs or boundaries is not wanted or respected. From the fear of being abandoned we try to avoid these expressions by tensing up our body and breath. We subconsciously contract the diaphragm, chest and surrounding muscles to stop the expression to reach our vital body. After a lifetime of repeating the same patterns we find our fascia, a fine net that covers all organs and muscles in the body, to be stagnated and blocked, making it difficult to even take a normal breath.

In this workshop you are invited to form a new relationship and awareness with your body and breath, linking the conscious with the subconscious, learning how to listen to your impulse and allow the natural expansion and contraction lead the way for how your breath and body actually wants to regulate its emotional state in the present moment.Authentic Movement was developed in the 1950s by Mary Starks Whitehouse. It’s a somatic practice based on embodiment, sensory awareness and a trauma informed release of unexpressed feelings. We will work with witnessing and being witnessed as our stored emotions and tensions naturally unwind.

About the facilitator:

Johan Planefeldt is a film director and somatic explorer. His interest in the body-mind complex began in the 90’s as he discovered the ability to enter into deep states of trance. Since then he has studied and practiced trance work from different cultures and traditions. In 2011 he discovered his love for contact improvisation which led him on a deep embodiment research where he studied practices like Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering, Butoh, Holotropic breathwork & Vipassana meditation. The last years of studies have been dedicated to trauma informed somatic therapy like Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal theory and NARM. He is regularly facilitating trance dance and authentic movement workshops alongside directing films on the topics of somatics and trance.

Lots of Love,