At the core of intimacy – a tantric way of awakening

Expand your level of pleasure and adventure by finding trust in your physical body. Activate deep levels of energetic states with the power of the group and reach a higher awareness. Dive deeper into the mystery of intimate connections towards yourself and others and learn more about your core of your emotional wellbeing and desires.

Tantra, the way I perceive it, means the total expansion of the self. According to tantric wisdom, the body already includes everything that it what he needs for its his perfection.

Unfortunately, the wisdom of western culture is mostly not used, because you are normally trained to control your body through the mind. 

Over the decades you learned that the mind is your master and you cannot deny the fact use our body often like a kind of machine or vehicle with the certainty that it must function the way we want, mostly like a robot.

Over the span of our lives, we learn that the mind is our master and we often view the body as a kind of machine or vehicle with the certainty that it must function the way that we want, is if it were a robot. 

This approach is not really satisfying, because it’s a result of mistrusting your body.

In your intimate relationships, you wonder maybe why you don’t feel anything or rather function in order to feel a deep connection.

So, you are asking yourself, what the secret of satisfaction could be?


Aim and exercises of this workshop:

♣ The exercises in the workshop help you to explore your inner self in order to live self-determined intimacy.

♣ From a tantric perspective, the body is the instrument of your awareness. You will learn, how to deeply connect and how to find trust in your body, as well as what it means to work with your senses in order to get a profound understanding of your core.

♣ One of your deepest desires is to find pleasure by intimacy, but at the time you may have be discovered difficulties within deep connections, because they cause also other feelings like fear, shame, anger guilt, or other feelings in you. When you are showing your deepest feelings, it may involve feelings of vulnerability or insecurity. Within a safe environment, we will go through exercises that help you to perceive and express your inner self and the associated feelings, so you don’t have to fear them any longer. The exercises of this workshops are designed to stimulate your awareness and open you up to for your pleasurable feelings and sensations and in the same way they open the door to release repressed emotions. for all your repressed emotions.

♣ You will discover your adventurous and playful side to explore what pleasure and safe boundaries mean for you and how you can share it with others to extend your joy.

♣ You are very welcome, no matter if you are single or you come with your partner.

♣ There will be single, couple as well as group exercises which will help you to interact on a deeper level and to have enough space to discover your feelings and needs, as well as finding out how much proximity or distance you need.

Techniques and method

The dynamic body-mind Awakening workshop with Milu Za is a deeply transformational journey to deepen the connection between the physical, mental and energetic bodies, as well as a safe and playful exploring field to deeply ground and open the body, both physically and energetically in order to feel an intense connection towards yourself and others. I developed this method through time. Inspired by my own experiences as well as several educations in theater and contemporary dance, and female healing work, several tantric and consciousness workshops, meditations and rituals as well as and my expertise as an energetic body psychotherapist and healer.

I combine harmonious movement sequences from Qi Gong and modern dance, playful and sensual awareness exercises, bodywork exercises from Alexander technique as well as different dynamic and conscious silence breathwork techniques.

What is required of you for the workshop:

  • An open heart and mind to be willing to explore
  • Some physical strength as we go deep into the physical body
  • A respectful attitude towards all participants
  • This workshop is open to all genders, 

Organizational matters:

We will make a one-hour brake for lunch/dinner. You can either can go out to grap some light food around in some Restaurants/Shops or you can bring some snacks that we can share all together to have a common meal together. I will also provide some snacks.

We will make a one

I’m really looking forward to this experience with you!

With love,

Milu Za