A Meditative Journey to your Essence & Authentic Self

# Meditation workshop.  Waking up to presence; Awareness being aware of itself.  

# recommendation: to avoid heavy food, minimize speaking, distractions and other activities on the workshop day 

Workshop description:

All of us are using the terms “I/me/my” on a daily basis; and without much thinking or contemplation about it for the most part. It is self-evident that somehow we know that we ARE, yet we identify this – sense of – “I/me” with things, appearances and objects; experiences essentially. 

Identification with experiences ultimately lead to attachments, and attachments result in tensions, contractions, stress, anxiety, and lead us on a path of chasing/needing experiences for our sense of wellbeing, contentment, safety etc. 

For example insecurities, control and challenges in our relationships, not feeling truly empowered in everyday life, feeling worrisome about what other people think about how we look or act etc.

By doing the self-inquiry work, we become aware of the experiencer of each experience; awareness becoming aware of itself. As a result, a sense of spaciousness, detachment, stability, groundedness & bliss are realized.

In this workshop, we will go through a meditative journey, explore and experiment together with self-inquiry practices and techniques, inspired by some of the direct teachings of self-realization. During one of the exercises you will be invited to be nude, for the purpose of deepening our detachment from limiting perceptions. 

About the facilitator:

Haris Hadziefendic is a meditation/alignment coach; supporting people with realizing their true Self and their essence. With a background in pedagogics and work experience in the mental health care sector, Haris discovered his passion for a holistic path of healing, transcendence and self-realization in 2015. Since that time he has explored various teachings, principles, tools and transformation platforms, such as transformational – life – coaching, shamanism, yogic practices, and meditation.

Much love